Saturday, 11 September 2010

Pumlumon Challenge - Quick Update


Just a quick update on today's race in Mid Wales.  Well, as expected the race was very competitive, with five out of the top nine male runners in the Runfurther Ultra Series starting, (unfortunately Adam Perry wasn't on the start line as apparently he has cracked a rib).  The race started fast but I won't expand on the race now as I am staying with friends Paul and Jessica Robinson in Presteigne, and typing away on a computer isn't really being sociable.  So for now just the results, although the results don't tell the whole story with their being a little bit of controversy over what were the race rules, what was the actual course, what was the moral thing, the correct thing to do within the spirit of Ultra running.  But that will have to wait to sometime next week after I have had time to reflect on the race.

Jon Morgan and Ben Abdelnoor both ran extremely well to finish first equal in an amazing quick time consider the very wet underfoot conditions, in a time of 3 hours 56 minutes, beating the previous course record of 4 hours and 6 minutes.  I finished in 3rd place in a time of 4 hours and 2 minutes.  Martin Beale finished fourth in approximately 4 hours and 11 minutes, fifth was an ex student of mine, Stewart Bellamy in around 4 hours 12 minutes, sixth was Mark Hartnell in around 4 hours 26 minutes, and eighth was Simon Bourne.

The quality of the women's field was equally strong, with Kate Bailey winning in around 4 hours 26 minutes, smashing the previous womens record.  Second women was current series race leader Nicky Spink in around 4 hours 55 minutes, and third women was I think Isaline Hughes who was currently in sixth place in the series prior to the race.

Overall an excellent race, ran in dry conditions with the sun coming out after we finished, which made the post race chat with loads of the other competitors, as we enjoyed  free coffee, cake, pastry, and rice pudding very enjoyable.

Time for some lovely tea from my hosts.

All the best with those who also raced today, hope your races went well, including David Giles from Sportswise, who is probably still running the 103 mile South Downs Way Ultra Race as I type this.



  1. Well done Stuart.

    Look forward to the full report!! Sounds intriguing??

  2. well done stuart, like john said sounds like lots went on! look forward to full report.Thanks for map for lakeland, much appreciated. My own little jaunt went great, brilliant...... up to 95 mile, when got lost, badly, so sub 28 became sub 32, only myself to blame,great event, in july next year if you are interested!