Saturday, 18 September 2010

High Peak 40 - Quick Update


Well the High Peak 40 was definitely a new experience, and a repeat experience!  I won't elaborate now, you will have to wait for my full race report, however, the new experience - do not try to run two ultra races in consecutive weeks!!!  The repeat experience, you guessed it Kev, yes I got lost again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Another 'bulls up', a repeat of the Highland Fling 2009!

The race was superbly organised, excellent course marking, that is if you keep your eyes open, fantastic checkpoints with great supportive marshals, and good food at the end, very hot showers, and a prize giving on time.

Well the results:  Duncan Harris ran an awesome race, even without going off course I wasn't going to beat him today.  He just seems to be getting better and better, I will have to be extra prepared for 2011.  Duncan finished in 5:20:15, ten minutes ahead of Brian Cole (5:30:55), who was last year's winner.  It was close for third with Ian Bishop, another runner who is improving rapidly, finishing in 5:48:50, just over a minute ahead of me in 5:49:52, and then fifth place was Rob Sellars in 6:06:25.

With regards to the womens race, first was Kat Lawson, recovered from her second place in the Lakeland 100, in a time of 6:56 (sorry I don't have the seconds), closely followed by Karen Nash in around 6:59.  Third place was in around 7:05, unfortunately I haven't got her name as it was not announced at the prize giving.

Overall, a great course, although a bit too much road for my liking.  Some awesome views at the top of Mam Torr, and apart from going off course, a great day out, and well worth the effort going all the way up north for the race.

To everyone else that raced today, hopefully you didn't go off course, and you had an enjoyable and satisfying day. 


PS A quick note to John Kynaston, well done on your 6:34 result today, but please check your e-mail, my amended guess sent at 3pm Friday, was 7:07:07, which puts me in 5th place.  The 8:08:08 guess I sent earlier, had an ulterior motive, and it seemed to have done the trick!


  1. commiserations stuart, looking back you have had an amazing year,


    p.s. there is an FRA navigation course next weekend if you are interested!!

  2. Nice one Stuey good to see im not the only one with no sense of direction mate.

    As for consec weekends im happy with one a year.

    Looking forward to our saturday slog next week mate and reckon you will be in top form for next year too.


    PS Daves suggestion of a navi course might not be a bad idea for us both pal

    HO HO HO

  3. Forgive me Stuart but I'm dying to know, where did you go off course? Care to spill the beans? I know the temptation to fork left down to Edale after Rushup Edge is great.