Wednesday, 15 September 2010

High Peak 40 - A New Experience

Hi Again,

Yes another post so soon after my previous one!

Thanks to those of you who have commented on my blog, and especially Jon.  As Jon concludes it was a "shame the way it has worked out", but I think we may have all learnt something from the event.  I find that it is always useful to reflect and learn from our experiences, and then to use the wisdom gained in the future. So what is next? 

Well, for me I am trying something I have not tried before; Racing two ultra races in two consecutive weekends!  Yes, I am racing the next race of the Runfurther UK Series, this Saturday, the High Peak 40.  The race is actually 40.5 miles, and involves a circular route of the Peaks District, starting and finishing in Buxton.  It looks a really good course, over a mixture of paths, grass, and road, with a few hills thrown in.

Back in May when I lost 15 points at the Marlborough Challenge, I added the High Peak 40 race to my 2010 racing schedule, in a planned attempt to regain some of the lost points.  Since then I have prepared myself mentally to this new challenge.  In the past I have always given myself plenty of rest between racing, so this will be a new experience for me.  As I often comment within my posts, I feel the mind and body work together as one. So my belief is, that as long as the mind is all prepared for this new challenge, then therefore the body will be prepared.  Time to put my beliefs to the test!!!

A few of you may be asking the question, why bother, as it is no longer possible to win the series, as the points earned at the Pumlumon Challenge must stand as this was my only 'short' race.  Even my eight year old son, Christopher, happily came up to me on Monday and said "Daddy, there is no need for you to do the race up north this weekend now!"  I tried to explain to him my philosophy on running/racing, and why I run/race, but I don't really think he understood my message about the 'journey' being important, not just the 'destination'.  Those of you that haven't read my earlier post in May titled Motivation - Why do I do this? may want to have a quick read, and more importantly may want to have a read of Jim Wallis's brief comment which is linked to, on Julia's website where it appears.  My post and Jim's comments may help clarify the often misconception, that one who is very competitive, can't have other qualities/characteristics.

A brief thought to sign off with:  "Enjoy your running and racing, whatever challenges they may bring."  Stuart Mills, 2010.


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  1. I'll be at the HP40 this weekend too. It's a great race, over beautiful and varied terrain. Watch out for the second deep dale about 5 or 6 miles out from the finish. What looks like a flat run across fields suddenly reveals a big 200' drop into a chasm like dale and abrupt climb back up. Hands pumping knees job. :-)