Friday, 27 May 2011

Competition and Collaboration - The Spirit of the Ultra Trail Running Community

Hi Again

Following on from last week's short post, tonight is another short post announcing another event that I am speaking at. 

This year my number one target race is the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB) that starts on Friday 26th August.  As part of my pre-race preparations I am contributing to the Alpine-Oasis Ultra Trail Running CampAlpine-Oasis have been running Ultra Trail Running Camps for a number of years, both within the United Kingdom and in France.  I haven't taken part in any of their camps yet, but what I have heard and read about them, is that they are really informative and enjoyable.  Click this link to read an article about last year's Alpine Oasis French Ultra Trail Running Camp from last November's Running Free magazine ( )

The camp course leader is Andy Mouncey, who finished second to me in last year's Montane Lakeland 100.  Andy has quite an impressive website, where he shares a few of his ideas.

So this August if you are thinking of coming out to watch the UTMB, then maybe the one week running camp that takes place from the 20th to the 27th August is just what you need to get you to the UTMB start line for 2012.  If you are racing this year's UTMB then Alpine Oasis also have a Pre UTMB Race Package, click this link for more information.

Apologies if this post reads a bit like an advertisement, I guess it is, as obviously there is a charge for the camp and the pre-race package.  However, for me, my incentive for being involved is nothing to do with money, (actually I'm doing it for no money), but as a opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with other runners, as my contribution to the amazing ultra trail running community that I am part of.  I think it is great how so many ultra trail runners, of all standards, are willing to share their experiences to help others.  I find their 'words of wisdom' beneficial, as I hope those that read, or for the two forthcoming events, those that listen to my words, will find my words both thoughtful and useful.  But what I also love about the ultra trail running community is that during the race it can be at times all serious and deep focus and concentration, but after the race there is the great atmosphere as all of the runners share and discuss their experiences of their ultra trail journey.

So come this August, Andy and I will transform from competitors from last year's Montane Lakeland 100 and maybe next week's Shires and Spires Northants 35 mile ultra, and then collaborate together on the French running camp.  Then at 6:30pm on Friday 26th August we will return back to our competitive state as we both battle it out against each other again, along with 2300 other runners, on THE most amazing journey in ultra trail running, the UTMB.

To those of you who will be out in France in August, I hope I have a chance to meet you, either before, during, or after the UTMB.

May you all experience the real spirit of ultra trail running, the competition and collaboration of a friendly and sharing community.

See you at Shires and Spires, Lakeland 100 recce, or out in France.


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