Friday, 20 May 2011

Montane Lakeland 100 - June Recce Day Workshop


Just a quick post tonight to make you aware of a workshop I am delivering as part of the June Recce for the Montane Lakeland 100.

The Montane Lakeland 100 is the premier UK 100 mile ultra, which combined with the Montane Lakeland 50 has a maximum field of 1000 runners this year, and with many on a waiting list!  As part of the great organisation for the race, there have been a number of recce runs throughout the year, with the last recce run prior to the race taking place on the weekend of the 25th - 26th June.  In addition to the runs that take place on each day, on the Saturday night there are a number of workshops.

Those of you that are observant may have noticed a Montane logo to the right of my posts.  Yes, I am fortunate to be sponsored my Montane, which is fantastic since their kit is such good quality!  Hence the reason for my new flash orange kit that I wore during the recent Montane Highland Fling.

Montane have just added a brief interview about me to their website, but as you know from the length of my posts, the interview isn't actually that brief.  Click the link to access the interview:

Anyway, back to the June recce weekend workshop. Yes, in conjunction with Montane I am delivering a 50 - 60 minute talk titled:

“Lakeland 100/50 Preparation – The Final Four Weeks – The Importance of Expectations!”.  What preparations can be carried out over the final four weeks, which will maximise the likelihood of achieving a successful performance?  The presentation will discuss a variety of topics related to expectations of the event and expectations of oneself.  Aspects covered will include: positivity, pacing, fuelling, and self-belief.

With regards to the workshop, although I won the Montane Lakeland 100 last year, my talk will not focus solely on the top end of the field, the plan is that it will be relevant to all entrants.  Success during the event is totally relative to each person.  No matter what finishing time people are expecting, I am hopeful that my ‘words of wisdom’ will be relevant to everyone and will aid their Lakeland 100/50 performance

So if you are running the Montane Lakeland 100/50 I hope to see you at the recce weekend.  Details of how to register for the workshop will be included in the next Lakeland 100/50 e-mail newsletter that should be coming out soon, or on the race website:

I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to share my ideas with fellow ultra runners in person, especially with the opportunity to discuss various aspects with them, and to respond to their questions.

Best I get my thoughts in order to ensure that I stick to the time I have been allocated!

All the best with your preparations,



  1. Great article ... I'm sure it could have been even longer!!

    All the best with your seminar. Will it be recorded or notes given?

    Thanks too for the photo you sent from the Fling.

  2. loved the interview, Stu. You should write a book yourself one day, or have you got one in the making?

  3. Hi John and Johny,

    Thanks for the comments. I doubt whether my presentation at the Lakeland recce will be recorded, however, I will look into making my slides availbale. Although, slides aren't quite the same without the associated commentary/explanation.

    With regards to a book? It is on my mind, but as I am still on a steep learning curve with regards to ultra running I think it's best to wait until I have a more clearer understanding of my thoughts and beliefs.


  4. 'A steep learning curve'. Really? You actually thinking that is even more fascinating. I've gave you (and John) a wee mention in my blog. Can you have a look and offer anything to me, please?