Sunday, 27 October 2013

Beachy Head Marathon - Quick Update


Just a quick update to let you know how I got on in today's Beachy Head Marathon. 

It was the twelve consecutive time that I have raced the event, and again it was a great day.  The course is superb, but the event is more than this.  It is really the friendly atmosphere that make it stand out, although it does help with it being my home town race, so I seem to know quite a few of the runners and spectators! The weather was largely bright sunshine and pleasantly warm, although with a strong wind it made it pretty tough heading out to the furthest point at Bo Peep, but then the tail wind over the Seven Sisters and up to the top of Beachy Head was 'magical'.  I guess overtaking four runners during this stretch of the race also added to the enjoyment!

Well I actually ended up with a PW, yes a personal worst time, and a personal worst finishing place!  But what maybe a little surprising, I felt that I ran pretty well, although the time and place don't really reflect this.  I'll expand a bit on this in my race report which hopefully I will finish in the next few days.

I finished in a time of 3:12:23, in fifth place.  There were some pretty speedy runners this year, with Jeff Pyrah winning in a super quick time of 2:55:44, from Paul Barnes second (3:03:07) and Danny Kendall (3:04:07) third.  The first woman was Andrea Green in a quick time of 3:30:33.

As highlighted above I finished quite strongly over the last ten miles, but just couldn't quite match it with loads of runners heading out, as I found myself I think outside of the top ten at one stage!  Now that was a massive shock to the system which fortunately got me to really focus, to persevere and to be patient!  Below are two photos that my son Robert took of me during the race.  Unfortunately he has decided to set up a photo business, and his going rate is £4 a photo.  So it cost me £8 for these two shots.  A bit rough especially with it being my fancy camera that he used!

At Alfriston after around 9 miles
Running hard right to the finish.  Although I needed that quick pace earlier on!
And a few extra scenic shots.
The support from the spectators was great!
Are these your legs?

The first 'Sister' at mile 19!
Not a picture, but a window at a friend's house!  What a view!
The 'Eastbourne Landscape' welcomes you to the finish
Training partner and 2012 Beachy Head Marathon winner Rob Harley nearing the finish
I hope you liked the photos.  Yes, the Beachy Head marathon course doesn't lack for scenery!
Lastly, thanks to everyone that made the day such an enjoyable day.
PS My son took a few other photos of the runners around me at Alfriston and those that finished slightly behind me on the final descent down to the finish.  I have attempted to display these photos below, but not that successfully.  If you are one of the following race numbers, send me an e-mail and I'll e-mail you the photo.  Rather than trying to sort out getting any payment to my son. you can have the photo for free.  But maybe if we are both at the same race in the future perhaps you could buy me a beer!  Just a thought to compensate me for being the only person that had to buy their photo! 
Race numbers:1548, 113, 1064, 2067, 564, 705, 706, 1022, 392, 1392, 249, 2253, 1576, 964, 932, 1696, 1474, 1657, 2054, 1403, 753, 549, 1093, 2117.  Opps, I might find myself getting a wee bit drunk at my next few races!
PPS  Don't forget to visit Sussex Sport Photography to view their excellent official photos from the race.


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  1. Looking forward to hear more of your thoughts about your race in the detailed report Stuart. PS your son's photos are great!