Friday, 2 August 2013

Montane Lakeland 100 - Initial 'Brief' Race Rpeort


My initial 'brief' race report from last weekends Montane Lakeland 100 race has been published on the Montane website.  I state initial race report as I am still mid way through writing my full race report that will be published here, on UltraStu, hopefully this weekend.  The initial report on the Montane website focusses on my experiences whilst running the actual event, and the battles encountered along my journey. Whereas the focus of my full report will be on the TOTAL preparation I carried out leading up to the Montane Lakeland 100.  How the massive changes I made to many aspects of my training worked, or in some cases didn't work, and required further modifications.

Shortly After the Start Running Through Coniston - The Battles Commence - Firstly with Ken Sutor

Anyway, while you wait for my full report, hopefully you will find my initial report interesting and with some useful messages.  Although I have titled the initial report as brief, it's not actually that brief!

Here is the link to the report:

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