Sunday, 28 July 2013

Montane Lakeland 100 - Quick Update


Yes, it has been a while since my last blog post back in May.  UltraStu hasn't disappeared, however, I decided that in order to fully prepare for my key race of the year, the Montane Lakeland 100, I needed to focus all of my non-physical training on me.  So I took a break from blogging.

Well the Montane Lakeland 100 started at 6:00pm on Friday night in brilliant sunshine.  If you haven't seen the results yet, I wont delay any longer in informing you.  My TOTAL preparation paid off, and I ran one of my most satisfying races for quite a while, hitting the lead during leg 2, and managed to hold on right to the end, going through some challenging moments along the 105 mile journey, and won in a time of 22:17:50.  In the end I won by 45 minutes from Charlie Sharpe (23:02:45) with Ed Batty third (23:07:40).  But for a while the win was touch and go, with Richie Cunningham hunting me down pulling in time quickly towards the end, before he unfortunately 'hit a wall' big time and dropped from second place down to sixth.

Th race once again was surperbly organised and the entire weekend had such an amazing atmosphere, simply fantastic!

Those of you who have missed my blog posts, I have a feeling that my race report, likely to be posted later this week, could be quite an ultra event to make up for the recent lack of posts.

From a rather weary Lakeland 100 finisher, in sunny Coniston time to sign off.



  1. You won't remember me but we exchanged a few emails in May following my Milton Keynes marathon. Anyway, just wanted to say a big well done on your great performance and win at the Lakeland 100. Look forward to reading your report (perhaps you could include details of your preparation so that us lesser mortals have some idea of what it takes to improve our running!)

    1. Hi Richard, Thanks for your comment. I do remember you, but because I was so rude and never got back to you regarding your follow-up question I appreciate why you think I don't. Apologies for not getting back to you, but your question came at the exact moment in time where I decided that all of my energy / focus was required for my non-physical training in order to be fully prepared for the Lakeland 100. Now that the race is over, I'll try to find time to respond to your follow-up questions, that is unless you have already got it sorted and achieved your marathon goal. How did the Devil of the Highlands race go. It's been hasn't it? Stuart

  2. Stu,

    I was disappointed when you blogged a while ago that you can't hope to compete with the elite now that you've turned 50.
    As a recent 50 something myself I found that a bit dispiriting.
    So I have taken great pleasure in you win. Well done, mate. Well done.

  3. Hi, Lonely? Yes, following my disappointing run at the Highland Fling I was in a bit of a dilemma, and not sure of the solution. Should I accept that at the age of 50 my better running days were over, or should I respond to the challenge and aim for more great performances. Typing my Highland Fling race report was part of the decision process. What does it feel like, what does it look like, accepting that the best is now past? It was through typing these thoughts out, that it helped me make the decision that I was still capable of improved ultra trail running performances, but it was going to take total commitment. Hence why I ceased blogging and all other non essential distracting aspects. My UltraStu blog had been so beneficial in my non-physical training, but leading up to the Lakeland 100 I needed specific training, which writing blog posts aren't always totally relevant to the next up and coming race.

    Hopefully I have demonstrated in the race last weekend that there is no need to lower ones self expectations just because one has reached a particular age. Maintain the race expectations, and the race performance will also be maintained.

    All the best, as hopefully you are enjoying being 50.