Sunday, 28 August 2011

UTMB - Quick Update


Well I guess a few of you will already know how I got on at UTMB.  Yes, a very, very disappointing DNF!  My first ever DNF in an ultra race, and actually the first race I have pulled out of since the Rimutaka Triathlon way back in 1985!!!  So I surpose  I have had a pretty good run for the last 26 years!

What went wrong?  Hard to explain in a quick update, but I will expand within my race report to follow sometime (whenever that will me!)  Too put it simply, I just had 'nothing' on the day.  There was no 'zip', a real lack of positivity, and overabundance of negativity within, which was making ever step a real struggle.  By the time I had reached the Lac Combal checkpoint after nearly nine hours, even with encouragement from Richie Cunningham at the checkpoint, I knew my 'day was done'!

Thanks to all of the people that were out on the course cheering me on, shouting out my name, especially the Alpine-Oasis group.  A pity I wasn't able to put into practice what we talked about.

Thanks to everyone that sent me 'best wishes' for the race.  It is much appreciated, and really does help usually, but just not this time!



  1. Hard luck Stu

    Bad things happen to the best of us ! I'm sure you'll learn even more and come back stronger

    chat soon


  2. I was so sorry to see you had stopped when I was following the race over the weekend.

    As you wrote 26 yrs is a good run without a DNF.

    I know you will learn from this and come back stronger.

    All the best


  3. Sorry you had to pull out. A lot of things need to come together to make for a good run, I was lucky snd had a good one. I must admit my outlook was a little negative stood at the start line in the rain. I just tried to remind myself to think of the positives. "At least its not going to be too hot" is the only one I could think of.
    Like has already been said you will be even stronger for the experience i DNFd the TMB in 2008.

  4. Hard luck Stuart, we were following you all the way and really surprised when we saw you had pulled out. Considering your blog post of a few days ago it is fascinating that Sccott Jurek pulled out at 40 miles?!? Jez also pulled out but much further along. Must have been really tough out there. I share your thoughts about it all being in the mind. I had an "over abundance of Negativity" at the start line to Norseman in 2009 which I 100% put my bad result down to. Sometimes you just feel like a victim before its even begun! Anyway I am sure you will bounce back with gusto. Thanks for your posts - they are all so entertaining and interesting and more people read them than you probably realise. Look forward to reading your race report. All the best, Andrew at Endurancelife

  5. Stu
    Thanks for your post about the UTMB. To have completed any of the course this year, given the appalling weather and late start, was a massive achievement.

    Looking at Andrew’s comment above I see that Jez Brag’s blog mentions that he pulled out due to a chest infection which the weather was making worse – another example of how the weather this year had a significant and probably unexpected impact on a lot of the runners’ performance.

    Can I also say as one of the Alpine-Oasis group that it was a pleasure to have the chance to cheer runners on at the UTMB and I was extremely grateful for the chance to talk to you before the UTMB.


  6. Hi Stuart,
    I have just find your blog.
    I am sorry to hear that, you did not finished. Lots of DNF this year, me as well...
    (We have met in the elite bbq party and in the start line, maybe you remember me.)
    All the best for your next race, I hope we will race again together in the next UTMB (or somewhere else), but much more successful then in this edition!
    Happy Running!

    Oliver -Hungary

  7. Hi Barry, John, Alan, Andrew, Simon, Oliver

    Thanks for your comments above. You have probably seen that I have recently posted my race report where I go into a little bit more detail about my DNF. Thanks for the kind words, and yes, the intention is to be 'back on track', putting into practice the strengths I have gained from this year's UTMB, at my next race in 6 weeks time, my local Beachy Head marathon, and then some more ultra trail races next year.

    Oliver, sorry to hear that you DNF as well. I plan to do UTMB 2013, maybe see you on the start line then.

    Hope to maybe meet up with you all at a race sometime.