Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Montane Lakeland 100 / 50 - Race Photos


If you have come to my UltraStu blog for photos from last weekend's Montane Lakeland 100, then welcome.  Please take a look around my blog at my previous posts, mainly on ultra trail running, so maybe of interest to you.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of watching the Lakeland 100 race and also a few of the front runners of the Lakeland 50.  Whilst watching I had my rather dated camera out snapping loads on photos.  Although the camera is around six years old it still managed to take a few good shots of the race, so I thought I would try to put them on Flickr for people to download. 

You are welcome to download as many photos as you want.  If you feel that the photos are worthy of paying for, then please click the link to go to the Fix the Fells website, where it is possible to donate some money for your photo to this worthwhile cause.  Can I suggest a donation of £4 for one photo downloaded, and £6 for two or more photos downloaded.  Although you can donate more if you so wish.  It appears that you can either donate via their JustGiving account in the name of Nuture Lakeland or directly via the Fix the Fells website.  Look for the links on the right hand side of the Fix the Fells website home page.

I haven't used Flickr before but I think I have got it sorted. There are two lots of photos.  Click the following links to access the two lots of photos:

The first lot of photos is taken at the start of Walnar Scar Road at around the 2.5mile mark.  There are then just a few taken as the leaders approach, and at Checkpoint 2 at Boot.  The next few are of the leaders at checkpoint four, Buttermere, and checkpoint five Braithwaite.
The second lot of photos is firstly two shots of Andy Mouncey in 2nd place near checkpoint 13, then of the winner, Terry Conway, shortly after finishing in the school hall at Coniston.  The majority of the photos in this lot then consists of all of the runners that I came across as I ran from the finish at Coniston back to Ambleside.  I pretty well managed to take a photo of all of the runners except there were I think two runners that I missed. (Apologies if I missed you!).  This last lot of photos has both Lakeland 100 and Lakeland 50 runners, where the other  lot consists of only Lakeland 100 runners.

I hope you enjoy the photos that I took.  If there are any problems with downloading the photos send me an e-mail and I will try to sort it out or e-mail the photo to you directly.

Overall the whole weekend was great.  I had such a good time watching the race for a change, so much that there should be a Montane Lakeland 100 Race Report, from the perspective of a spectator for a change, published here on UltraStu within the next few days.

Well done to all of the runners in both events. Hopefully you achieved what you set out to achieve.



  1. some great snaps there Stu! I might use a few for the race report if thats ok. I'll make a donation to fix the fells too.
    enjoyed the post race pint on saturday night too. Hope training isgoingwell and your starting the taper
    All the best and chat to you soon,

  2. Good photo's it defintately lift our spirits running into you near Ambleside, thanks for the support :)

  3. Excellent photos from that beaten up camera, Stu. Two downloaded and donation made. Many thanks for being out there. Your infectious enthusiasm enthused me to try even harder ;-)