Thursday, 25 March 2010

Post Number One!

Hi to everyone reading this,

Not really being into blogs, I came across John Kynaston's Ultra blog a few weeks ago when searching for information on the Hardmoors Ultra Trail Race. I found his blog really interesting. I thought it was really great how he was sharing his experiences to help others learn from the racing and training he had done.

Then last Saturday as we travelled to the start of the Hardmoors 55 on the top deck of the coach, John, other runners and myself shared experiences of previous races and our different approaches to training.

As I had a look on John's blog to see what he had to say about last weekend's Hardmoors 55 race in rather demanding conditions (A great race report!) I realised that with 32+ years of running, totalling over 35,000 miles, I in fact had accumulated many many running experiences and I started to think maybe I should share what I have learnt. Then I saw a link at the top right of John's blog "Create Blog". That was ten minutes ago and now I am writing my first post!

Will anyone read it? How do people know it is there? How often are you meant to add to it?

Enough questions, lets just give this blog thing a try.

So to all of you out there reading this, welcome to my blog. I hope you find some of my "words of wisdom", or probably as more appropriately titled "Millsy's Memories and Mutterings", thoughtful, helpful, enjoyable, interesting, and hopeful worth your time you spend reading them.

To sign off from my first ever post. My first quote to hopefully initiate a thought and some reflection. Not my words, but from a really good book I have recently read.

"For years I had assumed that my failure to run better was down to a combination of injuries and not training hard enough; but I started to wonder if it was my own self-image that was holding me back."

Charlie Spedding (2010), page 75. From Last to First. CS Books: Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

All the best with your training,



  1. Welcome to the world of blog writing Stuart!

    I know you have so much experience to pass on. I found our conversation about training ideas on the coach to the start really helpful so I for one will be reading with interest your thoughts and ideas about ultra running.

  2. Stuart, welcome on board of blogging! I am looking forward to reading more of your "mutterings".
    I "met" you last year in the Highland Fing race actually a couple of times during the race. You caused some confusion when you started the race as if it was a 10k race and everyone thought you would not survive this.
    I very much admired that very risky and unusual approach to start a 53 miele race and it should have spiced that race up. Unfortunately you got lost (from what I have heard)... and had to start the race all over again from the back of the pack...

    Anyway, maybe you try the Fling again some time and maybe one of the SUMS races!