Saturday, 27 March 2010

Podcast Interview

Hi again,

It is two days since my first post and rather than writing up a race report for the Hardmoors 55 Ultra Trail Race (maybe this will be post number three), I thought I would first provide a link to a podcast of me being interviewed by Julia Armstrong (from the inspirational website shortly after completing Ultra Trail Mont Blanc last year.

Click this link to access the podcast:

The interview is rather lengthy at 48 minutes, but hopefully provides a little bit of insight into the UTMB, that is if you can get past the first bit of me 'going on and on' about how I ended up becoming an ultra runner. Apologies for this bit, my brother found it interesting! But if you are interested in my 'memories and mutterings' then I guess there is some value in having a little understanding of some of the things that have shaped the way I think, on my journey through running.

Enjoy the podcast, and while on Julia's site take a look around, she has interviewed quite a few interesting people, and has many, many 'words of wisdom'!

Another thought to sign off with:

"That normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from." Neale Donald Walsch (2010)

Enjoy the training,


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  1. Hello Stu, good to see you joining the land of the blog. Have a good year, and well done on the HM55 the other weekend. :-)