Saturday, 23 March 2013

Official Launch of Trail Running Sussex


Some of you may have actually already visitied the new Trail Running Sussex website, at if you are one of my Facebook friends.  Yes, last night I invited all of my Facebook friends to check out the new Trail Running Sussex running business which I am involved with.

Since last night I have been busy.  This morning I distributed around 250 Trail Running Sussex leaflets at the Endurancelife Sussex Coastal Trail Races that were taking place nearby to me at Birling Gap in East Sussex.  Also tonight, I have added a new web page that contains quite a bit of information on the trail races that Trail Running Sussex are planning to organise in May 2014.

Please take a look at the website.  I hope you will find it contains the information you require, if you are wanting to join me on my South Downs Ultra Trail Running Camp that takes place at the end of June this year, i.e. in exactly three months time, or join me for a Guided Trail Running Weekend Break.  As you would expect from the name of the business, both events take place within Sussex.  If you wish to discuss anything regarding what we provide, please give me a shout.

I have been teaching myself how to set up the website, so it has taken a lot longer to get to this stage than I thought it would.  Having the Endurancelife Sussex Coastal Trail Races on today, provided an ideal target date to get the website to an acceptable state that I could officially launch it.  So far the feedback I have received has been positive, so thanks heaps for your comments.

Hopefully see you sometime, on the Trails of Sussex!


PS  Apart from distributing leaflets this morning, I also raced the Endurancelife Sussex Coastal Marathon.  It was very cold, with a really strong wind, and together with the muddiest I have ever experienced on the South Downs between Alfriston and Eastbourne, it made the conditions really tough!  I had another good run, following on from my run at the Stenying Stinger Trail Marathon three weeks ago, and managed to win in a new course record time, (just, by only 42 seconds!), of 3:19:48.  Second place time was recorded by Scott Forbes, a bit of a newcomer to the ultra / trail running scene, having finished in third place at the recent Thames Trot Ultra. 

Unfortunately due to some confusion, Scott started with the early marathon starters, for those marathon runners who tend to take that little bit longer, who are allowed to start with the Ultra runners, thirty minutes earlier.  Scott therefore ran the entire marathon on his own, as all of the quicker marathon runners, including myself, started at the official start time.  A real disappointment as it looks like I could have had a bit of a battle on my hands, as Scott 'cruising' along on his own, thinking he was in the lead winning the race the whole way round, only ran 13 minutes slower than my time.  I actually also lead my start the whole way as well, but I had a runner closely behind 'keeping me honest' for the first ten miles or so.  Anyway a 'brief' race report should be posted on UltraStu later in the week.

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