Monday, 1 September 2014

Quick Update - Ultra Trail Mont Blanc


Well I guess the update isn't that quick, considering I finished my racing on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately, my UTMB race didn't finish at Chamonix, as I notched up another DNF, stopping at La Fouhy in Switzerland after 110km!

I had a variable performance, with the first four - five hours going really well.  But then encountered a few 'difficult' patches, interspersed with some really good patches.

I will expand a little in what I will expect for a change will be a rather brief race report later this week.

Thanks to everyone that supported me with their comments, e-mails, best wishes, etc.  It is appreciated, and does really help, but 'at the end of the day' I just didn't have the 'finish at all costs' motivation that is often really needed on such a challenging route.

To everyone that completed the UTMB, or CCC, TDS, PTL or OCC, a massive well done!


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