Saturday, 27 October 2012

Beachy Head Marathon - Quick Update


Just a quick update on today's marathon, the eleventh consecutive time I have raced the Beachy Head Marathon.  Going into the marathon I was feeling reasonably confident of going quicker than last year's 3:02.  Weather conditions today were pretty chilly, plus quite a strong northerly wind, so a bit tough going out, but the wind really helped coming back.  So overall the wind probably added around two minutes to last year's conditions.

A finish time of 3:10, therefore eight minutes slower than last year was a bit of a shock!  I felt like I was putting in a decent effort, but just didn't have the flow!  It just wasn't happening.  At half way I was down in sixth place, so the pressure was really on to move up the field in my local marathon.  At half way there were three runners quite close together, probably around 3 minutes ahead, then I wasn't too far behind 4th and 5th place.

With quite a bit of effort, including a very, very tight sprint finish I ended up 2nd.  So a reasonably strong second half.  The only runner I couldn't catch was my work colleague and training partner Rob Harley, who finished 47 seconds ahead.  Achieving a fantastic result, with a PB!  Last time I share all my training and performance ideas with him!

Full race report in a few days.

To those of you that raced today, hope you all had enjoyable runs.


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