Sunday, 4 December 2011

Endurancelife Dorset Coastal Trail Marathon - Quick Update


A very quick update tonight.  Had a great time down in Dorset for the Endurancelife Dorset Coastal Trail Marathon, and then the first of the Live More lecture series.  The marathon was a great event over a spectacular course, with some great climbs and great views.  I managed to finish first in a time of 3 hours 47 minutes for the 26.6 miles.  My finish time giving an indication of the toughness of the course.  I had company from the second place finisher Vincent Kemp for around 5 miles, and apart from that, sorry but I don't know any of the other results!

Last night I was the first presenter of the evening.  The talk went really well, and a real shock I actually managed to keep to time!  I was then followed by Tobias Mews & Phil Davis presenting on the Marathon de Sables, and to finish the evening Andrew Barker gave an account of his involvement in the Norseman Iron Distance Triathlon.  Both talks really interesting and entertaining.

So a really enjoyable weekend. Race report to follow some time later this week.



  1. Awesome run Stu. Your lecture was also extremely interesting and really resonated with me. See you out on the trails.

  2. Hi Vince

    Good to meet you last weekend. I have just posted my race report from the marathon and you get a few mentions. Hopefully if you found my talk interesting, some of my observations from last week's race will also resonate with you. Well done on your race last week, and I look forward to battling against you again in the future. Although once you work out how to get the RPE - RFE arrow to point downwards rather than upwards I think the racing will be alot closer. Damn! Why do I give away my secrets! All the best with your TOTAL preparation, Stuart