Monday, 21 June 2010

Run Kenya - An Amazing Challenge for a Great Cause

Hi again,

As I begin to hear about the results of the West Highland Way and the challenges people faced along their journey.  I would like to raise your awareness to a challenge an ex University student of mine is undertaking next month.

Chris Howarth graduated with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Brighton, (where I work), a few years back.  Shortly after graduating he completed the Jungle Marathon in Brazil.  Since then he has completed a Masters degree in Scriptwriting, and is now combining his running passion, together with his script writing to raise awareness and money to help Kenya's street children.

Click the link to take you to the charity website that provides information about his 1100 mile run across Kenya.

Chris has been shortlisted to the final 8 people (out of 442 applicants) in the British Airways "Great Britons" competition.
He could win free flights to Kenya and loads of great publicity for the challenge.

The competition winner is chosen by public vote over the Internet, but the votes finish TOMORROW TUESDAY 22nd June.

If you think you might like to vote for Chris and the Kenyan Street Children charity then please click on the Great Britons link which has information about his challenge:

Then click on "Chris Rhys Howarth" and then on "Vote Now"

You must however sign up first. This is a check that people don't vote more than once. It only takes a minute. You won't get spam e-mails from British Airways!

Follow the instructions after clicking "Sign up now". When you click "Go", it takes you back to Chris's profile. You have to click on "Vote Now" again!

You should then get a confirmation page that asks if you are voting for the right person. YOU MUST CLICK ON THIS PAGE to actually register your vote. It will then say "Done".

If you could spend a few minutes reading what a great project Chris is raising money for, and then click on the British Airways website and vote it would be very much appreciated.

Your vote could really make a difference to the expenses for the run, as well as raising the publicity for the charity.

Thanks for taking the time to read the above. 


PS Chris wrote a race report about his Jungle Marathon experience.  Here is a link to his report from the 2004 Jungle Marathon, which is fascinating reading, especially if you are thinking of doing the race:
Chris Howarth - Jungle Marathon Race Report - PDF Document

PPS  I will be back to my usual mutterings hopefully later this week, although with watching New Zealand do so well at the Football World Cup, I don't seem to have enough hours in the day!

PPPS  Well done to everyone that finished the West Highland Way.  This race is definitely on my 'to do' list as it looks such a great event.

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  1. Just to let you know, Chris Howarth won the British Airways Great Britons competiton. To all of you that voted for him, many thanks. The prize of free airfares to Kenya, and the increased publicity for the very worthy charity is much appreciated by Chris. He asked me to pass on his thanks to you all.

    If you haven't had a look at the Challenge he is undertaking, and other details of the charity, click the links in the above post.

    Thanks for supporting a fellow ultra runner,